Friday, January 10, 2014

CRAWL! DCC Monster Submission: The Devil's Seaweed

CRAWL!, a fanzine for DCC RPG, is currently looking for content with a maritime theme. I created the following monster and submitted it only a few minutes ago.

Devil’s Seaweed
Init (always last); +4 melee (1d4); AC 10; HD 1d8 per 5’ square; MV 5’, swim 5’; Act 1d20 per 5’ square; SP half damage from slicing and piercing weapons; SV Fort +6, Ref -8, Will -6; AL N.

When a wrongfully accused sailor is killed at sea and his/her body is dumped overboard, a vengeful aura is left lingering at the surface. This aura eventually grows in power and malice, creating an algae like substance that floats, even on a raging ocean, and patiently hunts for unwitting prey so it may grow stronger.

Devil’s Seaweed can be found anywhere where there is persistent water. It can cover the hulls of passing ships, slowly eroding the wood or metal, or wait in moats. Given enough time, Devil’s Seaweed can erode through any natural element, eventually destroying bridges, penetrating walls, and even sinking ships. Sailors have nicknamed these malicious magical plants “Rubbish Gyres” for they can sometimes be found with remnants of their previous victims floating atop their amorphous shape.

Roll 1d20 to determine what can be found in a Devil’s Seaweed:

1-10: Nothing
11-13: Bones
14-16: Mundane Armor/Weapon(s)
17-19: 1d30+10 gold
20: Ancient Relic, Message in a Bottle, Plot Device…

Devil’s Seaweeds are un-dead, and thus can be turned by clerics. They are driven to consume all living things by primordial hatred and can only grow when consuming life force. They will never attack anything lifeless, unless it senses life inside. They do not need to eat, drink, or breathe. As un-dead, they are immune to sleep, charm, and paralysis spells as well as Will effects.

The list below details the rate at which Devil’s Seaweed grows when life force is consumed.
Plants/Insects: Negligible
Creatures less than 1’ tall or weighing less than 5 lbs.: 5’ in 24 hours
Creatures more than 1’ tall: 5’ in 1 hour
Creatures more than 10’ tall or weighing more than 500 lbs.: 5’ in 10 secs.

When a creature is killed by the Devil’s Seaweed, its life force is automatically eaten. The above effects, however, happen gradually during the specified time. Whenever a Devil’s Seaweed grows, it heals 1d8 HD per 5’ square.

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